Do You Believe That The Export Market Will Continue To Grow?

News extract: KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia’s exports in June expanded 10% year on year to 73.1 billion ringgit ($17 billion), slower than the 32.5% growth logged a month before, on reduced shipments across major products. In the first half of 2017, exports grew 21% to 451 billion ringgit while imports increased 23% to 408 billion ringgit. Nomura Group said the export slowdown is temporary and things should pick up in July as demand remains robust across the region. Malaysia’s export performance fell in line with its peers in the region such as Singapore’s 8% and Thailand’s 12% growth, according to UOB Group. “We continue to expect moderating export growth going into the second half of 2017 amid ebbing momentum in Asia’s manufacturing activity,” wrote UOB’s Julia Goh in a research note. 

My question to you : Do you believe that the export market will continue to grow?

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