Benchmarking Ringgit

Latest News: The dollar has reached the long-term support level near 0.93 identified on the U.S. dollar index chart several weeks ago. That is a critical support level. Below this support level lies the abyss with the next solid support near 0.83. However, the weekly chart puts the dollar behavior into a wider context. The dollar index chart has been dominated by a very broad sideways trading band that started in March 2015. The upper level of the band is resistance near 1.00. The lower edge of the band is support near 0.93. If support holds near 0.93 then traders will watch for a rebound rally and a retest of resistance near 0.97. That behavior will signal a continuation of the trading band behavior. Failure of support near 0.93 plunges the global economy into an unwelcome and unwanted currency war. Read More

Given the current circumstances, how should we view the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)?

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