How Would One Trade QAF?

QAF Ltd, formerly known as Ben and Company Limited, was incorporated in Singapore on 3 March 1958 as a private company. The Company was converted into a public company on 30 June 1967 and its stock units were quoted on the SGX on 25 August 1967.

The principal activities of the Company are those of an investment holding and management company. The principal activities of the Group consist of the manufacture and distribution of bread, bakery and confectionery products; operations of supermarkets; cold storage warehousing; trading and distribution in food, beverages, food related ingredients and commodities; production, processing and marketing of pork and feedmill production; and investment holding.  Currently, QAF is conducting a strategic review of its primary production business in Australia to enhance shareholder value. QAF said that the review is in its preliminary stages, and may result in a listing of the business segment in Australia or a complete sale of that business.

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