Long Term Investing

I am always fixated with swing trading because I do not have patience with most things in life. Whenever there is a 15% unrealised gain in a position, I will be very tempted to monetise the gain. I believe that I am in the category of “sell winners too fast, hold on to the losers”. To some extent, I truly believe that we live in a world that is filled with ‘black swans’. Hence, the bird in the hand theory matters. Swing trading provides wealth creation opportunities in the shortest possible time frame. On a serious note, one should seriously consider long term investing in order to balance out a portfolio that is filled by a combination of short-medium and long term trading / investment positions. It is usually the case that multi-baggers come from long term investing. To qualify for long term investing, one should truly look beyond an investment horizon of more than 2-3 years.

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Highly Correlated

In today’s posting, we will be exploring two Malaysian-listed stocks that have significant correlation with the movements in the Malaysian Ringgit – HeveaBoard and Poh Huat Resources. Are these stocks over or under valued with respect to the recent weakening in the Ringgit?

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