I Was Wrong

I posted an earlier tweet last week (read this), whereby I was quoting CB Industrial Product (CBIP) as a ‘directionless‘ stock (even with solid fundamentals). I believe that the tweet is erroneous (perhaps from a longer time frame perspective).

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Finding Edge For A Bet

One can never be sure of the certainty of a bet’s outcome. However, one can increase the probability of winning the bet (i.e finding the trading edge) by looking at “supporting circumstances“.

Without dwelling into detailed analysis of the industry and company factors, let’s look at a possible bet – CB Industrial Product (or CBIP). This company was covered in an earlier posting. Let’s take a long position bet on CBIP. Continue reading “Finding Edge For A Bet”

Proxy To Palm Oil?

Since 1979, CB Industrial Product Holdings Bhd has been equipping palm oil mills in Malaysia and around the world with high quality processing equipment and replacement parts. Over the years, the products have gained a reputation in the industry for excellent workmanship, consistent high quality and unsurpassed reliability.
As a result, the products enjoy a healthy market share in Malaysia as well as foreign markets including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, West Africa, and Central and South America. Today, CBIP much more than just an equipment and parts manufacturer. Expanding on in-depth industry knowledge, experience and expertise in this area, CBIP successfully established as a full-fledged turnkey contractor for palm oil mills.

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