2016: A Year Of Paradigm Shift

I have been working in the corporate scene for numerous years (God knows how long). Seriously, surviving the corporate ladder requires a total different set of skills (something that uni probably doesn’t teach). Else, you will fall off the ladder easily.


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Rebound Opportunity?

Signature International is Malaysia’s leading public listed kitchen cabinet manufacturer with businesses in retail, project, imported appliances, glass and aluminium. With a bleak outlook for the property sector as well as a slow down in construction projects, Signature’s share price has fallen significantly. Would we see any share price rebound in the near term?

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Highly Correlated

In today’s posting, we will be exploring two Malaysian-listed stocks that have significant correlation with the movements in the Malaysian Ringgit – HeveaBoard and Poh Huat Resources. Are these stocks over or under valued with respect to the recent weakening in the Ringgit?

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Wind of Change?

In one of the earlier blog postings (read more), it was observed that Employee Provident Funds of Malaysia (EPF) has been offloading its position in Malaysia’s listed packaging company, Kian Joo Can Factory Berhad. Recently, we saw a reversal in its position, with recent acquisitions of Kian Joo shares by EPF in the month of December 2016. Could this possibly mean a wind of change?

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Divergence = Opportunity?

Malaysia’s BIMB Holdings Berhad is a dynamic financial holding company with an extensive portfolio of diversified businesses across the Islamic financial industry. Its long-dated warrant, BIMB-W (maturity: 2023) was issued / listed in 2013. Since the listing date of BIMB-W, the underlying BIMB had recorded a marginal gain of 0.70%, whilst its warrant BIMB-W’s price has dropped as much as 66%. Are we seeing a divergence? Is this a potential opportunity to consider BIMB-W?

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Earnings Band Method

Personally, I believe that it will be quite interesting to combine a technical trading system with a fundamental approach (may be we shall categorise it as the “funtech” trading methodology). In this posting, we will explore the Earnings Band Method.

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