What Is Fair?

The Malaysian Ringgit has fallen significantly against the greenback, and Barclays expects the ringgit to weaken to as much as 5.0 by year-end. Read More . Given the movements in other currencies of its major trading partners, what will be the current fair value range of the Ringgit? Continue reading “What Is Fair?”

A Small Cap

Malaysian-listed small cap Harbour-Link Group Berhad has seen its share price falling close to its 52-week low. Currently, it has a market cap of RM145 mil (or RM0.795 per share) and is also trading at undemanding trading multiples (P/E: 2.517x and P/B: 0.43x). Would we ever see a rebound in the share price of this company?

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When Will The Egg Hatch?

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it. Arnold H. Glasow

It appears there is a recent oversold position in one of the  Malaysian-listed poultry stocks, Teo Seng Capital Berhad (TSCB). Is the oversold position justified?

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Finding Value In Packaging Industry

On September 15, Maypak had announced that it received a takeover offer from Japan-based Taisei Lamick after a sale and purchase agreement entered between both parties in July to purchase a stake of 23.1 million shares became unconditional – read more. Would we see more of take-over exercises of similar packaging companies in Malaysia, given the weak Ringgit? Continue reading “Finding Value In Packaging Industry”